ciff上海虹桥 | 我们跨越九千公里,在米兰共话设计!-九游会入口

ciff上海虹桥 | 我们跨越九千公里,在米兰共话设计!


日期: 2023-04-20

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the year 2023 is definitely a year of recovery for home furnishing enterprises in foreign trade.


with the deregulation of visa policies and the return of foreign customers, a brand new golden age for enterprises in foreign trade is coming now. as a leader in the industry, china international furniture fair(shanghai) or ciff shanghai  has introduced a plan for the return of global buyers, enhanced the overseas promotion, invited vip global buyers accurately and upgraded special services for foreign customers. the four big actions will help enterprises in foreign trade recover and peak again!
this ciff shanghai is dedicated to building the first destination for international furniture and furnishing purchases in china. in april, outstanding home furnishing brands, designers and industry practitioners from all over the world are gathering in milan, italy. ciff shanghai has kept up with the tide to launch a pre-exhibition promotion in milan to practically help chinese design and brands go international and embrace the world, refreshing the world with their creativity and vitality.


today (april 20) at 18:00 beijing time, ciff shanghai milan promotion will be launched ceremoniously. with the theme of design, the event will get together home furnishing brands, designers, media, etc. from home and abroad to explore the most cutting-edge design concepts and trends of home furnishing, opening a new page of chinese brands stepping onto the world stage!






from september 5 to 8,
at national exhibition and convention center (shanghai) in hongqiao district, shanghai,
ciff shanghai will be in full bloom
to welcome global traders
to enjoy the grand occasion!